FRC8SN/ID/IN Recessed INOX door station, 8 buttons, with card reader BUS-2, 8 buttons, BUS-2.

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Recessed INOX door station with 8 buttons, equipped with a card reader (BUS-2).

  • Luxury door stations built with robust 2mm thick steel construction
  • Option to add access control
  • Full-color camera with a wide-angle 170° fisheye lens
  • Standard card reader LEDs for full-color imaging in complete darkness
  • Visual indications and voice instructions
  • Unbreakable protective glass
  • Illuminated buttons with blue LEDs
  • Adjustable camera (up-down, right-left)
  • Waterproof IP45 protection
  • Easy outdoor nameplate replacement
  • Firmware update, language change, and button name order alteration via microSD
  • Expandable to accommodate up to 4 entrances
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 123x410x2mm (the part protruding from the wall)

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